The Particle Zoo – Subatomic Plush Toys

The Particle Zoo – Subatomic Plush Toys

The Particle Zoo (Image courtesy The Particle Zoo)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever dreamed of sticking one of those “My Kid’s A Nobel Prize Winner” bumper stickers to your car, you’re going to need to properly foster their mental development from a young age. So when it’s time to decorate the nursery I’d suggest skipping the stuffed animals and cartoon characters in favor of these plush subatomic particles from The Particle Zoo. They’re all here from the Photon to the Electron to the Neutron, and each one is weighted according to their mass. The Higgs Boson, Top Quark and W Boson are considered the heaviest and are filled with polished gravel, while the massless Bosons are the lightest and are stuffed with polyfil.

The AntiParticle Annex (Image courtesy The Particle Zoo)

You can also get the antiparticle equivalent of various subatomic particles, though you’ll want to make sure you’ll keep them separated from the rest of your collection. You can buy each particle separately for about $9 each, but they’re also available in various theme packs. Or you can just pick up the whole collection at once for about $313.

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