The Overflow

Making OhGizmo! isn’t the easiest of jobs. Every day we have to comb through so much noise (blog posts, press releases, unsolicited phone calls) in a never ending quest to find you the few gems we end up writing about. Usually, we’ll bookmark a good number of products that we think are potential articles… and only end up writing about a few of them. The rest? Well, that’s The Overflow.

We figured that instead of simply never writing about these products and leave them confined to the places where we found them, we’d give at least some of them a chance to live on in our sidebar. We’ve decided to use Twitter to do this, because frankly it suddenly seems like the world is on Twitter. While we may occasionally write about something else, most of everything you see here are links to products we considered writing about, but didn’t.

So, go ahead, follow us on Twitter!. Or better yet come back every day to check out what’s new in the sidebar.

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