The Ostrich Pillow Lets You Nap Anywhere, Look Like A Tool

We’re all for the power naps here at OhGizmo HQ. Heck, we’d nap 25 hours a day if we could. But we’re not entirely convinced that the Ostrich pillow is anything we’d ever be caught doing it in. Admittedly, the thing is pretty awesome, if only because it’s so ridiculous looking. But it’s also sort of smart. It’s a pillow with an opening for your hands, and for your mouth and nose. Your eyes are covered and your head is cushioned whether you decide to plop your noggin down on your desk or sleep in the airplane. Sure, you look like an alien plant is devouring you from the top, but the fact that you’re blind will make it easier to ignore the stares.

It’s not a new concept; the Ostrich pillow was talked about over a year ago. But now it’s in the funding phase on Kickstarter, and it’s more than halfway to its goal. At $75, the thing sure isn’t cheap. We’re not sure just who this will appeal to, but we have a feeling that at least a couple of you will think it’s the bee’s knees.

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