The Orgasmatron 3000

orgasmatron 3000

By David Ponce

At the moment, the Orgasmatron 3000 isn’t much more than an art project by one Dominic Wilcox, a project that happens to stretch the meaning of “art” a little, but what the heck. He’s covered an everyday washing machine in leather, stuck a saddle on it and relabeled the dial to go from “Oh!” to “Oooooooh!”.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it, though now that the idea is out in the wild, we’re convinced that it’s only a matter of time before this thing is, if not mass-produced, then at the very least sold to lonely housewives worldwide in small quantities.

[Dominic Wilcox’s Orgasmatron 3000] VIA [SciFi Tech]

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