The One-Seg Wristworn TV-Tuner/Cellphone

one seg tv watch

By David Ponce

There’s certainly no lack of oversized wrist-worn gadgets, though the Japanese One-Seg is one that we might actually enjoy getting our hands on. Not because it’s a TV tuner that doubles as a cellphone when equipped with a Willcom W-SIM card, but because of what you’re apparently required to do to acquire one. See, it looks to be a promotional item for Japanese Asahi Beers, which some of you may remember from previous beer robot fame. We’re not exactly sure just what it is you’re supposed to do to get one, but it likely involves the copious consumption of beer, and for this reason, it receives our stamp of approval.

Due to our lack of understanding of the beautiful language of the Land of the Rising Sun, we’ve no idea whether this item will ever be available for simple purchase, or if it’ll ever leave the Japanese shores.

[Product Page] VIA [TechEBlog]

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