The OmniWave Pro

By David Ponce

You’re going to file this under the “not quite groundbreaking but potentially useful” category. It’s a pen, the OmniWave Pro from Boxwave, that combines four functions in one: it’s a regular black ballpoint pen, then it’s a stylus, a laser pointer and an LED reading light.

There certainly are worse ways to spend $20. Get yours here.

Thanks, John.

2 thoughts on “The OmniWave Pro”

  1. They have these at radioshack under a different name but pretty much the same exact pen. I had one a year ago, very fun to have I loved it. The only thing is when you have to refill it with batteries you need 4 button cells that cost around 3 dollars per battery. At 20 bucks for teh pen and 12 bucks to refill it with batteries it was expensive. Bu I like it! Then I lost it and that was that.

  2. I have one of these as well – you could get them at Future Shop for a time. Battery life is terrible on ’em though, like Mike said. My Pen and stylus decided to retract in to the base, and no longer work 😛

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