The NOW Watch – The Most Accurate Time Piece Ever Invented

NOW Watch (Image courtesy Elevate Films)By Andrew Liszewski

If you like wearing a watch but are tired of being the timekeeper for everyone else who doesn’t this NOW Watch will quickly teach others to stop asking you what time it is. Instead of numbers, hands or some hi-tech LCD display the NOW Watch simply has the word ‘NOW’ printed in reflective metallic lettering on an empty black watch face.

And if the NOW watch seems too low-tech for your tastes keep in mind it’s 100% accurate no matter where on Earth or what time zone you’re in and never needs adjusting. In fact the website goes as far as to claim it’s “Precisely accurate in all time zones throughout the entire universe” but I suspect it could have accuracy issues if you’ve decided to visit a black hole.

The NOW Watch is available on the Elevate Films website for $49.95.

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