The Nomiku Brings Sous-Vide Cooking To The Everyday User

By David Ponce

Sous-vide is becoming an increasingly popular method of cooking, though traditionally the high cost of most immersion circulators have made it hard for regular folk to do at home. Sous-vide, by the way, involves submerging plastic-wrapped food in a temperature controlled water bath for long periods of time; this preserves juices, flavours, assures perfect doneness and is a generally awesome way of cooking something. But the Nomiku device you see above wants to change all that by making the process super simple, and most of all, relatively affordable. You simply clamp the Nomiku to the side of any water-filled pot, and turn the dial at the top to the desired temperature. It is accurate to 0.2° C and will never stray from its target by more than 0.1° C. Food does’t even need to be vacuum sealed; a simple (but higher quality) ziplock bag should do. For $299 as a pre-order on Kickstarter you can be on your way to perfectly cooked food at home, with a fancy gourmet technique that will impress all your dinner guests. But order now because once it hits retail, it’ll be $359.

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