The Nintendo Wallet – How To Guarantee Your Product Sells

Nintendo Wallet (Image courtesy The Wireless Catalog)By Andrew Liszewski

From what I’ve seen the best way to guarantee a product will sell is to brand it with graphics from either the Nintendo or Star Wars franchises, even if there seems to be no correlation or logical tie-in. But with all the backlash over the prequel trilogy, and the recent success of the DS and Wii, Nintendo seems to be the safer bet these days.

That being said this distressed leather wallet printed to look like an oversized NES control pad isn’t half bad. It’s a bi-fold wallet with slots for assorted cards and IDs and it even comes in a special tin case shaped like an original NES game cartridge. You know it seems appropriate that all the money people are forking over to Nintendo these days should come from a Nintendo-themed wallet.

It’s currently available from The Wireless Catalog for $29.95.

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