The Neck Stretcher

By David Ponce

Your mind is in the gutter, you know that, right? Scroll down a little if you don’t like reading, and you’ll soon discover this product is not meant to stretch what you first thought. No, no, it’s a fun product from the Land of the Rising Sun (and, perhaps a little, the rising madness). You see, this is a neck stretcher.

You put the device around your neck, like a collar, pump in a little air and

The air pressure gently stretches the back of the neck and provides a refreshing sensation.

Looking like a complete nut will set you back $26, also known as 3,000 Yen.

[The Nexk Stretcher] VIA [OddJapan]

7 thoughts on “The Neck Stretcher”

  1. They actually give this to people who have bad backs/necks here in america as a rehab device. My dad has one at home and when I was there over thanksgiving we were fooling around with it. Needless to say he was pissed. I guess that this goes for about $100 at specialty drug stores. In arizona at least

  2. i would like to buy the neck stretcher but do not know where to get it ; could you let me know where I could find it , I would greatly appreciate it

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