The Napbook Is A Commuter’s Dream Case

By Luke Anderson

When you take your laptop somewhere, you will most likely store it in some kind of bag or case. This is only logical, since you’ll not only want to protect your hardware, but you’ll also need an easy way to carry it, along with the power cord and any peripherals you need as well. If you’re going to carry around something as bulky as a laptop case, why not get one that’s going to serve an extra function?

This Napbook seems like the perfect case for on-the-go people that might need to catch a quick nap here or there. Essentially what you’ve got is a small pillow that also happens to serve as a laptop case. When you need a few minutes of shut-eye, just plop your head down and you’ll be snoozing in no time. These are currently only sold in a remote Apple Store in Iceland. The good news is that the designer is already working on getting his bags mass-produced so that the rest of us can purchase them.

VIA [ Crave ]