The Multi Is A Swiss Army Wallet


It’s called the Multi and it’s a wallet made from a sandwich of die-cut Aluminum or Titanium plates. But its wallet duties are kind of a sideshow to everything else it does:

It can also be used as a flat or Phillips head screwdriver, a nested wrench (in SAE or metric), a two-inch ruler, a bottle opener, a twist top opener, a wing nut wrench, a smartphone tablet stand, a can top popper, a box opener, and a keychain.

Using it as a smartphone or tablet stand will require a few steps. The middle piece keeps the tablet propped up, and the credit card on the inside sticks out to keep the tablet or smartphone in place while the device is in use.

It’s also RFID blocking and TSA approved. The fully-funded Kickstarter campaign will allow you to pre-order an Aluminum version for $40 or a Titanium one for $75, with delivery in July of this year.

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