The MPGlass 230M

mpg;ass m230By Tanya Palta

Remember Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible with his cool auto-destructing multimedia glasses? Well, the MPGlass 230M bears a striking resemblance to then (except it won?t blow up on your face). This cool little device gives you a home theater experience, without the cables, back breaking boxes and whatnot. You can connect it to your DVD, VCR (people still have those?) or your gaming console.

These glasses let you view a display akin to 30-inch screen at a 2 meter distance with stereo sound thanks to the ear plugs. They’re available in the UK for around ?300.

[MPGlasses] VIA [Tech Digest]

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  1. What’s finally gonna make these things viable is UWB via bluetooth. Once you are wireless, these will catch on. I know I’d like to have a pair, but I certainly don’t want to be wired wearing them.

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