The Moo-Pong Is A Modern Video Kaleidoscope

moo pong

By David Ponce

Here’s another one of those projects where art does the horizontal polka with technology. It’s called Moo-Pong, and happens to be a very modern twist on the old kaleidoscope. The device consists of a series of “balls” and what looks like a bowl. You go out in the wild with one of these balls, put it on a stick, and it becomes a little camera (you’ll understand when you watch the video). Shoot a 10 second clip, and you’re done with that particular ball. Go places, and do this a few times. Then come home, put the balls in the container and enjoy your video kaleidoscope.

The project seems to be the collaboration of a few people at the Okude Laboratory of Keio University, in Japan. It was on display a year ago at Siggraph, so it’s not spanking new, but for some reason, people seemed to have missed it. We think it’s pretty cool. And yes, yes we know: a written description of this sounds terrible. That’s why, as we often do, we’ve included a video for your enjoyment.

[Moo-Pong] VIA [TechEBlog]

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