The Monocopter, A Jet-Powered Personal Flying Craft

monocopter project

By David Ponce

More jet-powered goodness. Remember the scooter? Or the go-kart? Well, now you can add the jet-powered monocopter. Or, in other words, a turbine based personal flying machine, which sort of makes the Gen H-4 personal helicopter look like it was meant for kids.

It’s a project by one Andreas Petzoldt, which has been in the works for more than ten years. The turbine would strap to the back of the apparatus, and route massive flows of hot air through four nozzles. Unlike other personal flying machines, which use liquid fueled rocket engines to propel themselves and allow for perhaps 30 seconds flying time, the Monocopter would let you rip through the skies for perhaps as much as 20 minutes on a full tank of gas.

At this point, Andreas is looking for sponsors to continue with his project, as the costs are mounting. There are a few years left before this craft takes to the skies, which means it’ll be even longer until it becomes commercially available. But it’s good to know people keep coming up with ever more exciting ways of getting ourselves splattered on the ground.

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