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The Modal Speakers Radiate From The Top

modal speakers

By David Ponce

The Modal Speakers from Japanese designer Kunihiro Tsuji look pretty darn slick. What's more, they solve the "problem" of never knowing in which direction to point traditional speakers by relocating the speaker enclosure to the top of the unit.

This allows sound to radiate unobstructed and reach listeners with a balanced and untainted sound.

Of course, the validity of that claim is debatable. But whatever.

Kunihiro makes speakers and woofers, both available in charcoal, dark brown, white and silver. The cabinets are made from fiber reinforced plastic, and at 21kg (for the speakers) to 35kg (for the woofer), they're not small, despite the underwhelming 50W of output. While I'm not entirely sure these accomplish anything you couldn't do yourself by tilting your current speakers on their backs, they probably won't look as good as these.

Sadly, I can't seem to find a price anywhere.

[Kunihiro Tsuji Modal Speakers] VIA [Yanko Design]

One comment on “The Modal Speakers Radiate From The Top”

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