The MobiBLU DAH-1900 player- Offers 150 Hrs Of Playback

By Tanya Palta

Don?t you hate it when your mp3 player shows an empty charge right when you?re in the mood to groove? The MobiBLU DAH-1900 promises to release one from the shackles of empty batteries and constant charging as it sports a whopping 150 hour battery life. The DAH-1900 is not too bad on the eyes either and has a cool black finish with a yellow and blue OLED display. However, not everything is hunky dory and it only goes up to 2GB.

Other features include FM radio, FM recorder, Direct Decoding and Voice Recording and supports formats like WMA files with DRM (which means you can use it with all those square music subscription services). So, if you dig the retro look and feel constant charging is pass?, the DAH-1900 may just be perfect for you. It is now shipping and sports a price tag of 150 ?

[MobiBLU DAH-1900] VIA [The Gadget Blog]

3 thoughts on “The MobiBLU DAH-1900 player- Offers 150 Hrs Of Playback”

  1. I really think that all “solid state” mp3 players should have one of those ShAKe and JeRK style of chargers, jsut like those infinite flashlight. Seriously, that would be a good idea, I could see it…….. LOL

  2. I looking at the portable audio players at MobiBlu, there is something that greatly disappoints me.
    It is the continued dedication Microsoft’s DRM and the ignoring of license free superior open source codecs like Ogg (lossy) and Flac (losless). Ogg in particular. This is a audio format that is superior to MP3, have no licensing fees and I see is being used more and more on commercial games because of quality and licensing reasons.
    Can we have more open source codecs.

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