The Microblast, A nano Speaker Dock

By David Ponce

It was really only a matter of time before they made a speaker dock for the nano. Didn’t take all that long, did it? Xtrememac is now selling for $120 the Microblast, for the iPod nano. It is

The first portable speakers designed specifically for iPod nano, MicroBlast is style, portability and protection-all cleverly rolled up into one lightweight, package. Simply slide your iPod nano into MicroBlast’s dock and crank up its four great-sounding, amplified stereo speakers. It’s powered by four AA batteries or an included AC adapter that enables you to play and charge your iPod nano at the same time. Better yet, MicroBlast’s crystal clear protective cover allows you to safely leave iPod nano docked while on the go, and doubles as its base when then unit is open. MicroBlast includes both black and white interchangeable frames to match the color of your iPod nano, as well as a travel pouch.

So, to get it, go here. Story VIA Gizmologia.

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