The Manhattan – Casket Pool Table

The Manhattan - Casket Pool Table (Image courtesy Casket Furniture)By Andrew Liszewski

I think you have to be a real fan of Hallowe’en to opt for this pool table made in the shape of a coffin because once October 31 comes and goes it’s not like you can stash this away with the other decorations up in the attic. No, this is staying out all year round.

Now granted this will make for a great conversation piece and if you have kids you can pretty much guarantee the other parents in the neighbourhood will make sure their friends never visit your home. And of course given its shape and the angle of the bumpers playing pool on this table will be a unique experience.

The Manhattan pool table starts at $4,995 $12,995.00 (thanks Jason) and there are quite a few options including size, wood-type, finish and playing surface that will dramatically increase that price.

[The Manhattan – Casket Pool Table] VIA [Crib Candy]

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  1. Perhaps I am mistaken here but from your link, this billiard table appears to start at ~$13,000. Rather pricey to be goth in today’s age…

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