The Luxpro nano Clone

By David Ponce

This all looks a little computer generated, so I don’t really know how legit it is. But, well, our favorite friends over at Luxpro (you know, the makers of the super groovy Super Tangent, the Shuffle super clone) seem to be at it again, this time with the iPod nano.

Yeah. That’s it really. Maybe they’ll make a version that doesn’t scratch as easily. Story VIA UberGizmo.

4 thoughts on “The Luxpro nano Clone”

  1. I don’t like all the automated text links (MyBlogLog and Itellitxt) that load up on the page. You can’t move your mouse around without a popup bothering you. I mean if you want me to click on some ads for you i will but the other two take away from my reading enjoyment. Sorry for the rant


  2. I wouldn’t know because i use a fair amount of ad blockers – i am a rational maximiser of my own self interest. But i would say that sreejith has a point – the days of popup ads should be long gone.

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