The Lonely Home Bench

It’s yet another bench, this one with a personality. You might sit on it, thinking it’s just your everyday bench, when suddenly it might decide it doesn’t like you and just boot you off. If you leave a magazine on it, it might just throw it on the ground. If you stroke it, it might squirm around. See, it’s fitted with sensors and actuators (“actuators” is a generic term meaning anything that makes something else move) and is programmed to act erratically when it detects something on its surface.

It is (sadly) not an object being sold. Rather, it is artwork being exhibited. The Lonely Home bench, created by Tobi Schneidler and is at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, until August 29th 2005, as part of the Touch Me exhibition.

And the story came from WMMNA.

Sorry Reg.

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