Linear Edge's 3D Track Art (Images courtesy Linear Edge)

The Linear Edge’s 3D Track Art

The Linear Edge's 3D Track Art (Images courtesy The Linear Edge)
By Andrew Liszewski

As Top Gear (season 14, episode 5) once showed, there’s not a lot of great automotive art. The cars themselves can most definitely be pieces of art, but hanging one in the living room is only for those with too much money on their hands. However, I think these 3D track wall pieces strike a perfect balance between minimalist art and fanaticism.

Made from laminated birch and formica cut on a CNC machine, the pieces are simple enough to come off as abstract modern art when hanging on your wall, but won’t go unnoticed by real racing fans. The Linear Edge makes a huge selection of tracks just like these based on real world courses from MotoGP to Formula1 to even Nascar, though it does seem to pass on the boring ovals. They sell for either $199 or $219, presumably based on size, and custom orders can also be made, presumably with a higher price tag.

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