The Light-Up Guitar Pick

Santa Cruz Light Wells Light Picks (Image courtesy Santa Cruz Light Wells)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you’re booed off the stage at your local pub instead of going home and dedicating yourself to improving your guitar skills just grab a few of these light-up picks and at your next gig everyone will be too mesmerized to realize you actually suck.

The Light Pick from Santa Cruz Light Wells comes in light, medium and heavy gauges and a variety of colors for both the LED lights and the picks themselves. And to avoid having to buy a whole new pick when it wears out the nylon tips can also be easily replaced.

However if you’d prefer to go the practice route instead the Light Pick can help you there too since the LEDs can function like a metronome with seven different programmable beat patterns.

The Light pick is available starting at $59.99 and replacement tips can be bought for only $1.29 each.

[ Santa Cruz Light Wells Light Picks ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

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