The Last Barfighter Is An Arcade Machine That Pours You Beer


Like an endangered animal, arcade machines are getting increasingly rare. But we think The Last Barfighter stands a pretty good chance of swimming against the current, and becoming a runaway hit. In bars at least. It’s an arcade machine that lets you play a quirky and rudimentary fighting game, like Street Fighter from 15 years ago. But when the game is over, the winner sees a pint of beer fill up his glass. It’s brilliant.

The machines were created by an ad agency, Durham-based McKinney, and were commissioned by Raleigh beer company Big Boss Brewery. So they’re currently there, serving suds to thirsty customers and being trotted out during special events. It’s a lot more fun to get served that way, and we wouldn’t be surprised if demand for them became such that other establishments would eventually buy some. But that hasn’t happened yet, so if you want to try them, you’re going to have to make your way to North Carolina.

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