The Laservibe

By David Ponce

You might get an epileptic seizure should you purchase this. So be warned. Well… I’m saying that. The company isn’t, so don’t take it as an official disclaimer or anything. It’s just that after watching the video, I felt a little seizure-y.

What is it?

Glad you asked. It’s a laser show for your house party. For $100, you can get this thing that’ll project a laser beam on the wall (or people) and make little squigglies. Yeah, that’s it. Squigglies. It really, actually looks like a 3 year old’s drawing. Apparently

“it easily connects to any audio source such as a stereo, CD player, MP3 player or even your computer and the LaserVibe creates a dynamic laser show right in your own home>”

but from what I saw of the video… it’s just a squiggle.

Anyway, if you’re the squiggly party type, check out the website.

Thanks, Steve.

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