The Lappyvator

There are a few interesting things you can do horizontally, on your back… sleep ranking dead last. After “doing the Polka” (horizontally, remember), and “doing the bacon”, there’s surfing the internet on your laptop. Of course, unless you have a contraption like the Lappyvator, that’s a little hard to do.

Some dude, suffering from a lesion of the rear end, (and thus having an actual excuse for making such a thing) stuck some PVC pipes together and found a solution. Now, he doesn’t even have to sit to go online and you too can enhance your slothlike abilities, since he posted his instructions online.


1 thought on “The Lappyvator”

  1. I so want one. I will take his lazy innovation one step further: I want one, because I am too lzy to get up and sit at my laptop/computer, but I don’t want to make it. LOL….

    start selling them dammit!

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