The Kingmax Super Stick, Chewing Gum Small

By David Ponce

Be careful not to confuse the Kingmax Super Stick with a stick of Juicy Fruit. It’s billed as the “World’s Lightest, Thinnest Stick Drive”. With dimensions of 39mm by 12mm by 2mm, and weighing less than 5g, we’re tempted to believe them.

The press release is sort of fun, suggesting the ladies might be tempted to use these a earrings. Lord… if any lady I know wears thumb drives on her ears, I’ll eat my hat.

They come in sizes from 256MB to 2GB. USB 2.0 and data transmission speeds of 20MB/sec.

No idea what the price looks like, but here’s that page, for the third time. Story VIA Gizmologia.

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