The Kenguru, A Car Designed For The Disabled

kengaruBy David Ponce

Disabled people have it tough. Not only because of their reduced mobility, but because car manufacturers rarely design for them… rather they design around them. In other words, cars that disabled people drive were not designed with them in mind; they are regular cars that have been adapted so that the disabled can use them.

Not so with the Hungarian Kenguru. This small car was designed so that a wheelchair bound person can just roll in, and securely fasten their chair in place. It is then possible for them to simply drive off, without ever having to hoist themselves out of their wheelchair. The car is controlled via a joystick.

Since the site is Hungarian, I have no idea what price and availability look like, but there you have it.

[The Kenguru] VIA [The Cool Hunter]

Update: Ok, turns out it’s around $12,500, and possibly even free with healthcare if an individual qualifies. Go Hungary! -Ed.

29 thoughts on “The Kenguru, A Car Designed For The Disabled”

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  3. I would like some more information about the kenguru.

    Can it be purchased in the US? Can we convince the US car manufactures to create it or something similiar that both sides can use?

    How much would it cost to sent to the US?

  4. both my wife and i are in need of transport ????do you do a modle with two seats i.
    my prob lem is walking ,my wife is a dementure /alzimers we have scooters but! the wife is not able to use im in the market for a two seater
    thank you

  5. Hi everybody,
    We have been appointed the main distributor for Kenguru cars for the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway and few other European countries – we have prepared a DVD, and some technical data which can be emailed to anyone who is interested
    Kind regards
    Kenguru (UK)
    Thermalia Spa Holidays

  6. wow this is unreal,i am a paraplegic rely on my wheel chair all the time i dont have a car, i use to ride a motorcycle but unable,i want to buy one of your cars do they have them in australia yet? how much would it cost to send a car to australia? it will make my life so more independant can you forward more info thanks

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