The Karoto Is Like A Pencil Sharpener, Only For Carrots

They say you eat as much with your eyes as with your mouth. Maybe that’s true, but it’s never stopped us from eating things that looked borderline gross after having been only mildly reassured of their tastefulness by unenthusiastic restaurateurs. We were hungry! But if these guys had bothered to use something like the above Karoto to decorate the plate a little, it might have been enough to make us feel like their stale polenta and shrivelled shrimp were actually gourmet cooking. We… are easy to please.

The Karoto is a pencil-sharpener-looking vegetable peeler and curler. You use it just like you’d use a pencil sharpener, only you stick carrots or cucumbers or any other similarly shaped veggies in it instead. The shavings can then be shaped into flowers and various decorative items. It’s fun, it’s a little quirky and more importantly it’s just $15.

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