The Iron Station Is The Ironing Board Re-Invented.  Finally

The Iron Station Is The Ironing Board Re-Invented. Finally

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Ironing clothes on a traditional board is very far from easy. That’s because those boards were designed with… well, God knows what they had in mind when they designed them! You end up moving your wrinkly duds in all directions just to lay one part or the other flat. It’s stupid. But the Ironing Station you see above isn’t. It features a central circular board, and two pivoting arms. That way you can simply insert the sleeves or the pant legs into the arms, and find a flat surface. Close the arms again, and you can iron the back of that shirt. Finally, clamp the collar between the arms and it lays flat, ready to iron.

Us describing it out here really doesn’t do the Iron Station justice. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip after the jump. And check out the other pictures. Out here we’ll mention three more things. One, it has a tripod base, which is pretty cool for added stability. Two, if Quirky ends up making it, it’ll cost around $22. And three, the video has been around for over a year, so we’re not sure what’s up. On the site, it says they’re “making it”, but we can’t quite figure out how to buy it.

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