The Iqua Smart Badge

By David Ponce

The logic behind the Iqua Smart Badge is sound. A lot of peopleses who work also carry badges around. And, well, they also carry cellphones. So, the company figured “Hey, wouldn’t it be a good idea if somehow the badge could act as a bluetooth headset, that way Mr. Busy Professional can take his calls and still give his interns a massage type up that report?” And thus was born the Smart Badge, aka the BHS-608.

Sadly, the identification part is not the result of some wacky OLED tricks, rather, I gather you simply get to insert your ID card into it. Nevertheless, you do get to use the badge to manage your calls. It has a vibration feature, 40 hours talk time (more than most cells) and 600 hours standby.

No idea what these cost, but the product page is here. Come inside for a bunch more specs.

The key features include:

* Answer/end/reject call
* Last number redial
* Voice dial activate (when supported by mobile phone)
* Mute
* Volume control
* Vibration alert
* 3-way conference call
* Support for VOIP calls
* Switch between phone and handsfree modes
* Bluetooth connection active, call status and low battery indicated by multi-colored LEDs
* Automatic reconnection to default user or the last user
* Automatic reconnection at power on and disconnect at power off

Sales package includes: Smart Badge, lithium-polymer battery (inserted), wall charger, mini USB cable for charging compatibility with a PC or laptop, carrying case, user guide and quick guide.

Right, so there you have it. Story VIA

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