iProp (Images courtesy Aspire Innovation)

The iProp For iPad

iProp (Images courtesy Aspire Innovation)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance I rolled my eyes at the iProp, thinking it was kind of overkill when it came to iPad stands. But as I perused the photos of it in use on their website, I thought of a lot of places where I’d actually find it quite useful. I particularly like the alarm clock idea, or for use in bed in general when my laziness is cranked to 11 (or should that be -1?) but even while crashed on the couch or working at my desk, being able to swing it around or easily re-position would be extremely convenient.

A ball and socket joint which connects the iPad holder to the rest of the stand means you can rotate it 360° or angle it however you want, and a generous 2 feet of articulated goose neck makes it easy to finesse its position. And while the forked base looks like it might be easy to tip over, it weighs in at 3lb. 13 oz. which should be more than enough to counterbalance the attached iPad. When it’s officially available sometime in the Spring of next year the iProp will sell for $79.95, but if you pre-order now you’ll get free shipping as an incentive.

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