The iPod Digital Drumsticks

ipod digital drumstickBy David Ponce

Here’s a potentially cool little device for all you closet-drummers out there. The iPod Digital Drumsticks allow you to add your own drum track to whatever music comes out of your music player, be it an iPod or whatever else.

The control module clips to a belt and has a cable for your iPod and another audio output for connecting to a stereo system or headphones for silent play. Both sticks have buttons that allow you to play combinations of different drum or cymbal effects, including a snare drum, bass drum, tom, floor tom, hi-hat, and crash cymbal. Can also be played without musical accompaniment by using one of the six included background rhythms.

Given that you’ll probably grow bored in about three weeks, the device is reasonably priced at $30.

[iPod Digital Drumstick] VIA [Gizmologia]

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  5. This sounds like an interesting idea, though I’m a bad enough drummer that I won’t buy one. But it makes me wonder how long it will be before someone releases an MP3 player that’s also a music studio. Now that would be cool.

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