The Ion-Kids Tracking System

By David Ponce

Kids. If only they weren’t so useful… So useful in fact, that they become quite precious to some. Now, while tying a little bell to your child’s ankle might seem like a decent solution to keep track of him, the stares and muffled giggles his companions will inevitably give him might make him feel differently about it.

Why not try the Ion-Kids tracking system by Bluespan. The child gets to wear a reasonably attractive, tamper-proof little watch-like device. A portable base station is linked to it, and will sound an alarm should little Joey wander off too far away. When you wish to find your child, activate “Find Mode” and radar like display on your unit will show you the way. The most obvious use for this would be in a mall.

It has a range of 300 ft. and uses a point-to-point link, therefore doing away with the need of external towers, or whatever. It constantly switches frequencies, so only you can track your kid, and not some techno-creep.

It’ll set you back $200.

Again, the Ion-Kids website, and the Bluespan site. Story VIA The Cool Hunter.

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