MX7000, The Indestructible MP3 Player

mx7000 mp3 player

Do you have an anger problem and throw things (sometimes digital players) and later regret when you see your precious MP3 Player with the inside pieces on the outside? No need to fret because we have the perfect solution to your problem. And no, it’s not anger management classes (though that ain’t a bad idea either). Meet the new ?semi-indestructible? MP3 player called the Monolith MX7000.

It so indestructible that it can withstand BB gun Bullets (I swear, I am not making this up), a car running over and can be tossed around too (rugby, anyone?). It has decent design with an edgy aluminum finish. It comes in 1GB and 2GB capacity and sports features like FM recording, 19-hour playback time, line-in recording and support to various audio formats. It?s available now and carries a price tag of $200 and $260 respectively.

VIA [Stuff Magazine]

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