The IM-5 Is A Little Like Paintball, Except With Pepperspray

72.jpg By Ryan Nill

IM-5 launcher, by Avurt, is a non-lethal personal protection gun. Much like a taser or mace, but with a much longer range; up to 40 feet. The IM-5 launcher lanches up to five frangible polymer “bullets” that are filled with a synthetic form of Capsaicin. It also has a laser sighter.

Summed up, it shoots pepper spray bullets, from a stylish gun that comes in blue, red, basic black and candy floss pink. Both stylin’ and perfect for the women’s self defense market. Avurt also offers self defense lessons and other personal protection related services. the IM-5 comes with 10 practice rounds, 5 live rounds and will be availble August 30, 2007 for about $300.

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