The iKey Portable USB Recorder

By David Ponce

If you wish to record something, anything, and not have to transcode it to MP3 later, then you should get your hands on the iKey, from IKEY-Audio. This little device will accept an RCA line in, and output an MP3 file directly to USB. It will even output to an iPod. It’s very portable, using 4 double A batteries for power. It even has an LED indicator to tell you how much space is left in the target device.

Seeing as they’re milking the iSomething nomenclature, I’m guessing that the real selling point is the ability to record right to the iPod. Well, you know. Why not?

From what I gather though, you won’t be able to listen to your recordings immediately. It treats the iPod as a storage device. So you’ll have to go fish them out and add the files to iTunes for them to show up in your library.

And it’s $230. $230?! Hell, are you kidding? Who needs to records stuff that bad?

If you do, go here. Story VIA Mobilewhack.

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