The iJet 2 Way, A Bi-Directional RF Remote For The iPod

By David Ponce

There are many ways for you to use your iPod as an “entertainment hub” of sorts. You can simply connect it to your sound system, dock it, mount it into your wall, or build a shiny shrine and stare at it all day. Whatever you end up doing though, most solutions require you to either come up to your iPod to change tracks, or at the very least have a line of sight if you’re using a remote.

The iJet 2 Way, from ABT does away with that. It’s an RF remote that works from as far as 150ft. away, even through walls. Better yet, it also receives data from the iPod in the form of track, artist and playlist information. That way, you can stay on your lounge chair when the wailing starts, quickly skip the track and find out just who it was that assaulted your ears.

And then wonder what the track was doing there in the first place.

It’s coming out in the first quarter of 2006, but I see no price anywhere.

[ABT Products] VIA [iLounge]

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