The iGamez, Potentially More Fun With Liquor

pressman toys igamez

By David Ponce

The iGamez from PressMan Toys sounds like it could get hella boring in a hurry. It’s basically little speakers with a buzzer button. Plug your music device in (the lowercase “i”, along with the picture would want to suggest an iPod, though any will do), have the operator choose a song, and the first one to guess it has to press the button and gets a point if he’s right.

Now, I’d suggest cranking up the fun factor a bit, and introducing some libations into the mix. How about choosing some really obscure songs, and getting everyone to take a shot for a wrong answer? Or something of the sort.

We’re not sure how much this is, nor are we willing to sift through the site’s poor design to find out. This is as low-end as things get, and if you really want it that much, you do the work.

[PressMan Toys] VIA [ChipChick]

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