The I-Deck, A Conceptual Touchscreen Music Player

ideck touchscreen music player

By David Ponce

We like a nice conceptual project just as much as the next guy, all the more so when it’s in the retro-futuristic arena, though we wish we knew a little more of just what is going on here. This particular device is the brainchild of Englishman Michael Kennedy, and is named (sadly), the I-Deck, apparently yet another twist on the iPod dock business. The idea here is that, with the rise in popularity of digital music, album art is being neglected.

So, the I-Deck would display this art on its touchscreen LCD, which would also serve as the interface, allowing you to control your player. This interaction is also a little more, well, interactive, in the sense that if you want to skip a track, you just flick the screen. If you want to fast-forward, simply spin it. And to play, just turn it.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have by way of details.

[The I-Deck] VIA [Ubergizmo