The I-con I-2004, A Non-Apple I-Desk

the i-con i-2004

By David Ponce

It’s called the I-con-2004. It’s a desk with an embedded computer and is the work of one Michiel van der Kley (yeah, with an “i”). We’re not sure just how long this piece of furniture/PC has been around (we suspect 2004, but what do we know? the -2004 suffix to its name might mean anything at all!), but, as long as we’re allowed to swap out those ugly legs, we wouldn’t mind owning one at all.

The completely integrated design assures that no cables are visible and specs include ATI Radeon 9100 graphics, 1GB of DDR400 RAM, a 160GB HDD, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Now, the word “concept’ is tossed around here and there, so no firm price is to be seen. What’s more, the website happens to include the most incompetently designed FAQ section ever (just click on one of the questions). So, we’re calling bs on this one.

Just looks somewhat pretty.

[The I-con I-2004] VIA [TechEBlog]

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