The Hyanide, A Tanklike Bike

hyanide concept

By David Ponce

Here’s hoping that this concept hits the production line one day. It’s called the Hyanide, and happens to be a bike, a snowmobile and a 4 X 4 hybrid. The secret behind its unique versatility resides in its revolutionary new tread.

The tank-like tread consists of 77 identical segments?each made from hard plastic covered with tire rubber ?held together by Kevlar rope. Each segment flexes independently, making the tread significantly more limber than if its components were rigid. Not only does this setup help with traction, but it would allow the tank- cum-motorcycle to corner like no other vehicle.

This theoretical vehicle would have a top speed of 85 mph, and could seat two. It would be powered by a 60hp 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine.

It only exists as a one-fifth scale model right now, and there are no hard plans to produce it, yet. Seems some automotive industry bigwigs got really turned on by this at the Michelin Challenge Design, so who knows?

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  4. Man this really looks like it will give you a great off road ride on any terrain. I do think it may be pretty expensive. I wonder would if it would have some use for emergency use on snow covered mountains, where speed and mobility would be important. It looks like it would give you some excellent traction.

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  5. man, that thing is awesome. i hope that hits military soon, cause as soon as they come back home, they’re gonna want to ride it civilian. just think, snow, mud, sand, asphalt (probably), and for guys like me, water.

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