The HomePub Is Here And My Liver Just Died

By Bruce Eaton

For the longest time, man has craved a fast and easy way to punish the evil within him: his liver[???.-Ed.] And now HomePub is bringing in the heavy artillery for you to do battle, even in your own home. Just imagine 5 gallons of fresh beer at your disposal, seamlessly integrated into your fridge. No longer are you handing out cans or bottles at a party, like a chump, but instead you’re serving tall, freshly poured beer mugs, head and all, right from your fridge.

Although not yet on the market, we can all raise a tall glass to the fine gentlemen who invented this. Just think how much easier life will be. In-laws coming to visit? Pour a glass of liquid patience. Got a hot date? Slip into the kitchen for some panty remover. Writing bad jokes online? Drink a mug of “this seems funny to me now but probably not later”.

[HomePub] VIA [Engadget Japan & God Himself]

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