The Hiccup Stick By Hicural

The Hiccup Stick By Hicural

So uh… That looks like a pretty stupid product, and it probably is. It’s a plastic stick that you bite while swallowing some water, and it will somehow magically stop your hiccups. Something about throat muscles tensing, and somehow this connecting to the diaphragm and making the spasms go away. We… we’re not buying it. Not to mention that we’re not sure what’s so special about this particular stick over another plastic stick to justify its $20 price tag.

Any hiccup experts in the crowd able to tell us if it’s just as much malarkey as we think it is?

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  1. You could have contacted us here at Hicural and we would
    have been happy to answer your questions about our product. Hiccups are caused by an interruption in
    breathing. When breathing is interrupted, a nerve known as the Vegus Nerve
    which runs from the throat to the diaphragm can become irritated and cause the
    diaphragm to spasm which causes hiccups. The patent pending gate on the hiccup
    stick allows? air and water to mix and flow down the throat calming the Vegus
    Nerve and stopping hiccups.

    The cost of one Hiccup Stick is $8.00 and the stick is
    reusable. As long as you have it you won’t
    have to worry about hiccups again.

  2. I know your comment was made two months ago but after seeing the commercial for the product for the first time tonight I am amazed that someone is actually making money off of a remedy that already exists! I am 42 years old, and when I was a child, whenever I had the hiccups my Mother or Grandmother used to tell me to put a pencil in my mouth and drink a glass of water. Um, sounds allot like YOUR product sir. And I notice on your product’s website, none of the supposed testimonials ever mention using the pencil/water remedy. They treat it as if it’s non existent. As well as the “inventor” of the hiccup stick, he just “happened” to have a pen in his mouth while drinking water. Come on! Please! Give me a break will you?

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