The Handler – An Extra Finger For Germophobes

The Handler (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

As far as I’m concerned there are so many bacteria and other microscopic organisms crawling over everything on the planet you just have to suck it up. Of course there are plenty of places and things that are bound to have higher concentrations and I guess that’s where The Handler comes in. It’s basically a keychain-sized device with a finger-like hook that can be popped open at the push of a button and used for almost anything from opening doors, to flushing toilets, to pushing elevator buttons and ATM keypads. It’s apparently strong enough to handle up to 60 lbs of force meaning even the heaviest of doors won’t be a problem for it.

Of course you’re probably worried that The Handler will become ground zero for disease and infection but that’s not the case since its rubber and plastic components are infused with nano silver particles which will effectively kill 98% of all single-celled organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. I have to admit it’s not a terrible idea and I hope they make a larger version some day that can be used for shaking hands.

The Handler is currently available from Amazon for $10.95.

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