The HAMMER and H2X-40, Aka The Ultimate Roadrage Accessories

hammer h2x-40 weapons system

By David Ponce

No, no, we’re not condoning filling those idiots on the road with lead, so don’t be sending no hate mail. We’re down with 92-year-old half-blind men driving at 12mph in a 55 zone. The HAMMER unmanned weapons system, used in conjunction with the H2X-40 turret, from More Industries, was designed with a different kind of use in mind.

To be mounted atop military, or law enforcement vehicles, the system allows for the firing of two 12-gage shotguns, all from the comfort of your air conditioned interior. The system includes:

electro-mechanical actuation, modular mounting system, weatherproof control module, remote aiming systems, and mechanical soldier activated safety interlock. Weapon control is established through a multi-conductor cable that enters the HAMMER control module through a rugged circular waterproof connector. Integration with an unmanned vehicle requires establishing a connection to the existing firing system output and a camera input.

We’re not sure how much this costs, though if you want to see a video of the devastation this can unleash, come right inside.

[More Industries] VIA [TEchEBlog]