The Grub Hub Brings An Entire Kitchen To The Great Outdoors


grub_hubFor those of us on this planet that aren’t frozen solid, camping is still an acceptable activity. But being out in the wilderness doesn’t have to mean sacrificing all the amenities we take for granted at home. The Grub Hub is a portable kitchen that’s been around for a few years, but we’ve only now discovered. It packs everything, and yes, even the kitchen sink. No, this isn’t just a bad play on words: it does come with its own sink for washing your dirty dishes. Aside from holding your stove (not included), there are compartments to hold your pots and pans, telescoping rods to hang your lanterns or anything else that can be hung, and even 9 square feet of table surface for you to prepare your meals on. It’s a Swiss Army Knife of camping, and can be yours for $379.

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