The Grower

By David Ponce

So let’s say you’re the proud owner of a very chichi, neo-modern, (insert artsy adjective here) gallery. You’re looking for some sort of gimmick to get people talking, and maybe even thinking. Perhaps you would be interested in The Grower, by Sabrina Raaf.

It’s a little robot that goes around a room, measuring CO2 levels. It’ll then trace a green line on the wall proportional in length to the level of CO2. In the end, you’ll have a grasslike landscape on your wall, the taller bits being a reflection of where groups of people congregated. You know, because people expel carbon dioxide and such.

So, think of this setup. Higher up in the wall, you have your paintings. Then, at the bottom, you have The Grower going around, tracing on the wall and discovering hotspots in your gallery. Kind of like a real life “most popular posts”.

Check it out here. Story VIA Josh Spear.

1 thought on “The Grower”

  1. Like it! Have been trying for ages to teach my children to paint straight lines on the wallpaper. I must say, when you turn down the oxigen, the drawing becomes less!

    Keep it up!

    The Netherlands

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