The Great Disney x Nicolas Cage Crossover

The Great Disney x Nicolas Cage Crossover

Disney Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is so popular, he’s even got his own meme. Disagree all you want, but he’s one of the most widely-visible actors on the web–although not it’s not all good or positive sometimes. Somewhere in the middle though, are these Nic Cage x Disney Princesses crossovers where the head of each Disney princess has been replaced by Nic’s.

Who knew he’d make such a pretty mermaid?

Hit the break for the rest of these hilarious GIFs by Jen Lewis.

Disney Nic Cage1

Disney Nic Cage2

Disney Nic Cage3

Disney Nic Cage4

Disney Nic Cage5

Disney Nic Cage6

Disney Nic Cage7

Disney Nic Cage8

He does a pretty mean Cinderella, don’t you think?

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