The Gen-H4 Personal Helicopter

By David Ponce

I’m looking at this thing, and I’m thinking you really gotta have some sort of sick death wish to even think about getting onboard. It’s a helicopter designed to fit one person. It’s also a flying death basket.

This lovely death basket from Japanese corporation GEN is equipped with a miniature engine of 125cc (8 horse power) and two propellers. With this, it can reach a flying speed of 90 km (56 miles) per hour. The double counterrotating helix design allows it to do without a rear rotor.

Work commute for adrenaline junkies, perhaps?

It sells for 3.6M yen, which is about $31,000. There is even a wonderful video of it in action, right here.

Story VIA Odd Things From Japan.

32 thoughts on “The Gen-H4 Personal Helicopter”

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  3. Gadget Garden: that didn’t add anything just translation in Dutch and that’s only handy for people in NL who don’t read English, so nearly no one, and if you are unable to read English you have no reason to be on the internet!

  4. >> if you are unable to read English you have no reason to be on the internet

    What a ridiculous point of view! Why encourage homogenization? What a dull world this would be if everybody thought like you.

  5. This is the future.
    The engine is probably/should be a Honda never-fail gas engine, so why worry. I bet this helicopter will have a satisfactory survival rate overall.

  6. This rocks…. and ppl who dont speak english shouldnt be allowed on anything never mind the internet… dumb asses….. i mean how hard is english…i want a helicopter..

  7. steveo, due to people like you, asshole! Exist the ignorance in the world, variety is the key of the development. Or you prefer to be a Clon? You probably will get a high position in Mr.G.Bush Circus.

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    What an uneducated racial remark, He forgets that there are more then 50 % of people on the internet that do not speak english. He has the attitude of a Frenchman who refuse to speak English because they claim that French is the Global language.
    I speak 5 languages including Dutch, a pity you did not go to school in Holland.

  9. I is speaking perfectly england…….hmmm I thought these comments are supposed to be about the copter?? A very nice toy, and wouldnt be a death trap if it had a backup chute due to any mechanical failure. I is am wanting one!

  10. What netto mass does this thing have? Why are other personal helis at least 150 kilogramms? I am sure this one is less than half of that.

  11. Since it involves risking your life, you would think someone would here would be smart enough to do a little research before spouting off. That didn’t happen, so I did it for you.

    Conclusion: This is a dangerous toy and should be outlawed. The makers are not allowed to test the safety chute, nor do real forward flight (at speed) in Japan because both activities are AGAINST THE LAW in Japan. I have new respect for the Japanese government.

    Q: Why is it dangerous?

    A#1: All engines quit sooner or later, especially the two stroke engine type used in the H2. No one has yet invented a “no quit” engine. In addition, these engines (it uses 4 engines, not one) are not certified for aircraft use.

    A#2: It’s rotors are fixed pitch therefore it can only climb as the engine rpm slowly increases. If (read when) the drive system fails, it drops like a rock. That’s why it’s only demo’d with a very skinny and light pilot. A real person has no margin of safety when a downdraft hits, or a power line is spotted at the last minute. If it’s warm out, it even has less lifting ability.

    A#3. There is no dual seat trainer. People who train solo in any rotary or other aircraft are considered suicidal by the aircraft industry since most (yes it’s true) will crash.

    Q: If it has 4 engines, why must I be concerned if one should quit, after all, it can still fly on 3, and land on 2.

    A: Once an engine quits, the remaining engines run hotter. This causes the unreliable two stroke engines to overheat and likely quit suddenly as well. The only way to prevent this is to immediately put larger jets in the carburetors of the remaining 3 engines while flying (impossible to do).

    Q: Has the emergency parachute been tested by the manufacturer?

    A: NO. However, they are asking dealers/buyers to test it for them! Do you want to buy something from a company that places so little value on your life?

    Q: Why should we listen to you?

    A: Because I care and am a student helicopter pilot with 21 hours of flight time.

    Q: Is that all the reasons it’s dangerous?

    A: No, it’s just a start. Read about the experience of those people who bought a kit called the Mini-500 that also used a two stroke engine against the wishes of the engine manufacturer (Rotax engine made by Bombardier). Just Google “Death by Mini-500” and do some reading.

    Good Luck.

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  13. I am a young man aged 24,a citizen of Botswana.please help me to buy the gen h4 in a pre-assembled state.i need the price of gen h4 and tools.please help me to be the first guy to use this helicopter in Botswana. Mogoditshane



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